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Omar Johnson: Creativity, curiosity drives the post-purchase experience

Entrepreneur Omar Johnson discusses how to maximize those precious touchpoints to make a lasting impact on the shopper in a way that builds awareness and loyalty to your brand?

Omar Johnson is the entrepreneur and marketing guru whose unconventional marketing tactics and insight-led approach turned Beats from a $180 million headphones company into a $1.1 billion global retail brand, that was later acquired by Apple for $3.2 billion. Johnson then joined Apple for several years as V.P. of Marketing.

As its Chief Marketing Officer, Omar helped develop Beats into an internationally renowned brand favored by the world’s most famous athletes and musicians, from Lebron James to Serena Williams. As he explains in numerous presentations, including his recent keynote at Retail (R)Evolution 2018, that journey was all about leaning on curiosity and creativity to turn commodity products like headphones into an experience.

Experience is how brands can drive awareness at a time when traditional tactics, like TV advertising, just aren’t as effective as they once were. Part of that is thanks to the Amazon effect. By making it easy for any shopper to buy any product online, Amazon has effectively done away with a lot of the physical elements of the in-store experience that once allowed retailers to craft a distinct brand, from the way their salespeople interacted with the customers, to the lighting, décor and ambiance of the store itself.

These days, Omar says, brands are limited to far fewer touchpoints with customers: their website, the box that the product arrives in when it reaches their doorstep and potentially their customer support.

Maximize the Post-Purchase Experience

The question today is, how do you maximize those precious few touchpoints to make a lasting impact on the shopper in a way that builds awareness and even loyalty to your brand?

That’s where creativity comes into play. Delivery boxes, for example, offer a great brand-building opportunity: Beats headphones arrive in packaging that’s so cool, customers will often snap a photo of the box to share on social media. When that happens, these shoppers are basically marketing on Beats’ behalf to their own networks, building awareness and getting the brand’s story out there.

There are many more touchpoints like this throughout the retail customer journey, and you need a team with the right skills to make the most of them. Omar explains that when he recruits marketers, he values those who demonstrate both creativity and curiosity. Curious people make it their job to dig deeper, looking past what everyone already knows to discover the insights, trends or concepts that yield fresh new ideas.

Shopping today may look different than it did when physical stores reigned supreme, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still opportunities for brands to leave a unique impression on their customers. In fact, those opportunities are only growing, and the best brands will be the ones who have the skills and wherewithal to jump on them.  

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